12 September 2016

Sydney (Player Song)

(to the tune of Derek and the Dominos' Layla)

What do you do when you’re in the midfield,
And somebody passes you the ball,
What the other teams will do,
They’ll run away from you,
I guess you’ll carry out the Wine,

Sydney – you’ve got me on my knees,
Sydney – I’m beggin’ help us, please,
Sydney – Sydney won’t you ease my troubled mind

11 September 2016

The Shannon Anfuso Song (Player Song)

(to the tune of the Diego Forlan Song)

Anfuso, woah,
Anfuso, woah,
She’s from the Jersey Shore,
The one that we adore

10 September 2016

The Erin Rosier Song (Player Song)

(to the tune of Steam's Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye)

Na na na na,
Na na na na,
Hey hey hey,

09 September 2016

Take Us Home, Nikki Kerr (Player Song)

(to the tune of Take Me Home, United Road)

Take us home,
Nikki Kerr,
To a place that I belong,
To Brock-Affleck,
To see ol’ Springfield,
Take us home,
Nikki Kerr

08 September 2016

Middle of the Pack (Player Song)

(to the tune of The Shangri-Las Leader of the Pack)

Who is that girl from Canton, Mass,
Look out it’s Gab and she’s coming in fast,
She’s playing in a soccer game,
She’ll soon be in our hall of fame,
We won’t forget her,
In the middle of the pack

07 September 2016

Super Sydney (Player Song)

(to the tune of the Super City Song)

She is Sydney,
Super Sydney,
She is Sydney,
From Quincey

06 September 2016

Oh, Meghan Sustram (Player Song)

(to the tune of the Mario Balotelli Song)

Meghan Sustram,
She’s a striker,
At the Schmidt,

While she steals our hearts she’ll be running off the charts,
Strolls the Brock-Affleck as she’s putting in the darts,
She’s on a big quest to be doing her best,
She’ll be scoring all the goals only if we request,

She goes into schools telling teachers all the rules,
You feel her wrath when she’s burning up a path,
Didn’t matter by then ‘cause she did it for a laugh,
Runs back to her dorm for a drawer full of cash