Launched 25 JUN 2013

Welcome to The Springfield Voice, your one stop destination for all songs Springfield College athletics. Upon my enrollment to Springfield, I was preparing to play for the men's JV soccer team in the autumn of 2010 with aspirations to also join baseball. But due to technicalities, I quit two weeks in - never to play a collegiate sport at Springfield ever again. My role then shifted as number one supporter of the athletics department, with full backing from athletic director Cathie Schweitzer and her staff (within reason).

As the number one supporter, I noticed one thing immediately - we had NO atmosphere. It was boring to watch most on-campus sporting events and the crowd wasn't too much into the action. I was looking to change that and took charge. If you hear a voice on a weekend morning or a weekday evening on the northern half of the Springfield College Campus not on a PA system, you can guarantee it is me barracking for my college in the only way I know and can.

From the fan favorites to the new players, the chants keep rolling in. The Pride play harder, the opposing fans loathe me, and the passion for our one club unites us all. Stylized to European soccer, the chants have been embraced by the soccer culture on campus. They may not work out at first but by  the end of the day, there are no bad ones. Feel free to browse this site, memorize what you wish help me and our fans unite and support our Springfield College Pride!

                                Truly Yours,

                                                                  -Richard F. Mazella II

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