25 June 2013

Join in the Chorus (Primary Unofficial Team Song)

(to Wee Deoch an' Doris)
{First two verses sung by team after win, final verse sung after every Springfield score and win}

Hearts to hearts and hands to hands,
Beneath maroon and white we stand,
We shout God bless our native land,
Old Springfield, old Springfield;

Out we come, out we come, out we come to play,
Just for recreation's sake to pass the time away,
Lots of fun, heaps of fun, enjoy yourself today,
The Springfield boys/girls are hard to beat when they come out to play;

So join in the chorus and sing it one and all,
Join in the chorus the Pride are on the ball,
Good old Springfield, they're champions you'll agree,
'Cause Springfield is the team that plays to win for you and me!
     'Til all success be nobleness from sea to shining sea!
     'Cause we will win at nationals, just you wait and see!

*Words or lines in italics identify alternate lyrics for the preceding word or line.

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